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Experience Development Plan

Experience Plan: Unveiling Unique Moments in Mourne Gullion Strangford

Welcome to the Experience Plan, meticulously crafted to catalyze the development of exceptional visitor experiences within the enchanting Mourne Gullion Strangford upland and coastal region. This plan is your guide, whether you’re an individual business, a cluster of enterprises, or a tourism-related agency, designed to amplify the distinctive attributes of the destination and carve out a formidable market position. Prepared by the Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council (NMDDC), this plan is a tool tailored to assist you in crafting unforgettable visitor experiences.

  1. Highlight Distinctive Attributes: The plan aims to spotlight the unique features of the destination, setting it apart in the competitive tourism landscape.
  2. Establish a Strong Market Position: By leveraging the inherent strengths of the Mourne-Gullion-Strangford region, the plan seeks to position it prominently in the market.
  3. Strengthen Existing Experiences: The framework laid out in the plan serves as a guide to fortify existing visitor experiences.
  4. Develop New Compelling Experiences: Encouraging the creation of novel and compelling experiences, the plan seeks to provide irresistible reasons for visitors to explore our mountains, coastal areas, and communities.
  • Visitor Attraction: With the right experiences, we aim to attract new visitors from the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and overseas, fostering year-round tourism. These visitors are likely to stay longer and spend more, contributing to a robust marketplace.
  • Marketplace Identity: The plan contributes to creating a powerful and enduring ‘destination’ identity in the marketplace.

This Experience Plan complements the 5-year Tourism Strategy initiated in 2017. Its success hinges on widespread recognition of its strategic relevance in ensuring the ongoing sustainable growth of an industry that was valued at £61 million in 2016. By encouraging businesses to collectively elevate their offerings, the plan aims to breathe life into our “mountains, myths, and maritime” strengths in a vibrant and distinctive manner.

Stimulating new ideas, innovative thinking, and collaborative approaches, this plan signifies a groundbreaking initiative in Northern Ireland. It is the outcome of extensive consultations with business operators and agencies, offering a structured plan and workbook combination. This resource equips you with fresh insights on delivering experiences that resonate deeply with your visitors, ensuring they leave with memories to cherish.

Mourne Gullion Strangford Experience Development Plan