The Geodiversity Of Northern Ireland: The Greatest Story Of Our Time

Northern Ireland for its size is one of the most geologically diverse places on Earth so it is perhaps not surprising to hear that this remarkable geodiversity has played a key role in shaping the very fabric of our daily lives. Geodiversity has not only shaped the natural and built environment, but its influence on our historical and cultural heritage, biodiversity, and its positive impacts on the economy and the environment as well as on our health and well-being means that it provides essential benefits for society.

Northern Ireland’s Geodiversity Charter

Northern Ireland’s Geodiversity Charter was launched in October 2017 and was produced by the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland with financial assistance from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs through the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. When it was launched it was with the support of 25 organisations including those from government departments, local government, industry, academia, charities, NGOs and learned societies, not just from Northern Ireland, but from across the UK and Ireland.

The Charter focused on four main areas of activity: raising awareness, policy integration, conservation and research. Since it was produced there have been major successes in all of these areas, and it has been effective in augmenting the appreciation and understanding of geodiversity and its many impacts on society.

This is the first update since the Charter was published, and although all of the areas of focus are still relevant today, there is a need to provide new case studies. These not only demonstrate the varied and innovative projects and initiatives that have taken place since 2017, but it highlights the engagement and support that has been shown from across Northern Ireland.

You can view Northern Ireland’s Geodiversity Charter by clicking here.